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Maite Salazar has enjoyed two decades of success in growing businesses in the U.S. and overseas; creating public/private partnerships; producing advertising and awareness campaigns for public agencies and nonprofits; and creating leadership development programs.  Key to her success is her expertise in understanding communities by becoming part of them - then creating a "win-win" for the client and the community. Maite's work has won numerous awards and recognition at the Federal, state and community levels - and of course, plaudits from her clients.

Trained as a U.S. Marine officer and attorney, Bill Marvin served his country as a Judge Advocate General for the Marine Corps, then as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Department of Justice.  For ten years he founded and
helmed a trailblazing, multimillion-dollar company that pioneered an industry and slashed frivolous claims against insurers.  Currently, Bill serves as General Counsel and business development consultant to Salazar, and continues the practice of law.

Salazar also comprises a number of other partners and affiliates.  These professionals are award-winning experts in the fields of media production, copywriting, public relations,
political campaign management, business development, law, global purchasing, homeland security, community organizing, and other specialties required by our clients.
SALAZAR COMMUNICATIONS delivers results and value
for clients seeking access to international and U.S. markets;
local communities, especially our home among the
burgeoning Latino communities of Southern Nevada;
and organizations seeking to improve their teams through leadership development.


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